Noonday Demon

by Piper Moreau

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released March 24, 2017

everything- piper l.d.



all rights reserved


Piper Moreau Michigan

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Track Name: Class Act
hotel desk at 3am
everyone's a ghost
the radio blows its bass out
all night long

tired and worn
the serving girls
count their tips
and change their clothes
slap each others hands from the dial

it's funny how the luxury
hides at the edge of town
but they don't know what's buried
where their private jets touch down
Shuttled past the trainyards
and the old power plants
Looking out for anything
That's yet to be condemned

we lived on day old wedding cake
and forgotten flat champagne
Flick our lighters in the dark
over their shoulders
It's barbed wire fence or marble
Take your pick, I'll wait
I'll be back tomorrow either way

it's funny how the luxury
hides at the edge of town
but they don't know what's buried
where their private jets touch down
the blackened fields and ditches
where we used to run and play
too late is gonna come too soon
we're counting down the days
Track Name: Static House
a vessel for some victim souls
willless bodies in the interzone
trading fumes for a fugue repeating
the lives we swore to lose

tried to tape the windows shut
but the highway still keeps me up
Searchlights burning through the curtains
it's not me they're looking for

Who am i to care for the atom bomb
the honeybees and recruitment forms
Vices fanned out on the carpet
we found a few days more

Somebody wanna put a record on
Take the empties back, shut the baby up
Pull their fingers out of the ashes
and wipe them on the walls

who am i to care to suspend belief
I can't provide so I kill my need
sweeping glass off the cellar floor
swallow and go back to sleep

who am i to care for the atom bomb
i lost an arm at the bottle return
Track Name: Floodland
bring me what you find today
let me be the first to see
i'll be at the window
with my bedpan and iv

starving dogs and terrapins
girlie mags and syringes
bring me everything you find
and tell me what it's like outside

make me wreaths of barbed wire
bottle glass and fishing line
In crowns of rust and crabgrass
i'll be yours and you'll be mine

today a nest of china dolls
with cobwebs thick as candyfloss
between their cauliflower ears
you don't have to dig so deep, my dear

plastic bags as ticker tape
pigeon bones and paper cranes
the world outside withers away
ours only grows
ours will stay